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EKSPOL is a family production business. It was set up over 20 years ago by a chemist Roman Maliński, PhD. Initially, the business focused on technologies and manufacturing formulas for various fodder additives. With time, thanks to the development of machinery, the business has begun manufacturing based on its own technologies. In that way it can control every stage of manufacturing, which guarantees the quality of its products. Given the educational background of the founder and his successors, EKSPOL is a chemical business. Chemistry, which is generally associated with detrimental to health and unnatural products, is used for pro-health and pro-ecology purposes and allows utilizing natural resources which help prevent, support and sometimes even treat many diseases and ailments in animals and - indirectly - in humans.

Our products are designed for responsible farmers and are promoted by the best veterinary doctors who are aware of pro-health and pro-ecological benefits of disease prevention in farmed animals.

For many years, our main purpose - which is included in our mission statement - has been to seek solutions in Nature so that animal health is protected in a natural way. So far, we have managed to find many natural and effective solutions – products which effectively counteract the most typical problems in farming.

What guarantees high standards of production is long standing experience, knowledge passed down from one generation to another and - what is most important - a well-integrated team committed to developing EKSPOL products - technologists, laboratory technicians and production people.

At present, the development process and production comply with the requirements of Integrated System of Quality Management ISO 9001:2008 and 22000:2005; and at the beginning of 2014, EKSPOL will pride itself on having a GMP+ certificate, so valued across Europe.

Our clients include veterinary doctors, distributors and farmers who - jointly with us - care about the health of animals and, what follows, about the health of the most important clients - people who consume animal products.

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